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“Erotikon IV”


  • Image of “Erotikon IV”
  • Image of “Erotikon IV”

The fourth of seven prints in the Erotikon series, 2009.

In his 1908 essay “Ornament and Crime,” Austrian architect Adolf Loos declared “All art is erotic. The first ornament that was born, the cross, was of erotic origin. The first work of art, the first artistic act was erotic…”

These works on paper are visual—and tactile—explorations of the idea of erotic iconography, what Loos might characterize as erotic ornament. These Erotikons do not explicate, they implicate; rather than unfold and expose, they enfold and entwine.

* * *

EDITION: 50 signed and numbered; 2 artist’s proofs

DIMENSIONS: 13.5 x 11 inches
MEDIA: Offset lithographed in grey ink and blind embossed on Crane’s Fluorescent White 134 lb. Cover

PRINTING: Digital Engraving / San Francisco
DESIGN: © 2009 Mark Fox, BlackDog / SF

Image of “Erotikon I”
“Erotikon I”
Image of “Erotikon II”
“Erotikon II”
Image of “Erotikon III”
“Erotikon III”
Image of “Erotikon V”
“Erotikon V”
Image of “Erotikon VI”
“Erotikon VI”
Image of “Erotikon VII”
“Erotikon VII”
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